Guendalina Litta Modignani (GLM)

Guendelina has partnered Marino Salom in Milan and collaborated with Pierre Celeyron in Paris for 8 years.

For 14 years she has organised the most lavish receptions bringing refinement in its purest form, full of magic and unforgettable memories. Her experience accumulated over the years, always meets and exceeds her customer requirements. Gaining deep insight into need of our customers, she has carried out projects in Ibiza, Paris, London and other major world centres. She specialises in the organisation of events in Europe. The biggest event having been 2.500 people… all without advertising and complete discretion.

We are receptive to your needs and remain at your disposal. We organise events such as: private receptions; corporate and business events; wedding; dance evenings; birthdays; and openings; with our unique imagination and bringing meticulous planning to the process.